On Saturday, 17th of September

Keira Keogh

Keira is a self-employed behaviour consultant based in Ireland. She has more than 14 years of experience in the area of behaviour support. Keira’s expertise is mainly in the field of Autism and other additional needs.

Keira has been a member of JCI since 2013. She is the former National President of JCI Ireland. During her JCI Ireland Deputy President role in 2018, she was also leading JCI Europe committee of Skills and Development. Currently, Keira holds a position as JCI Vice President of Europe.

Keira loves being a trainer and has delivered instructional seminars on different topics. For example, Public speaking, Time management, Leading Yourself First, Classroom strategies.

Jay Johnson

Jay is an internationally renowned speaker specializing in behavioral and organizational development.

He was JCI Vice President of Europe in the year of 2019 – the same year when JCI World Congress was held in Estonia!

His TEDx talk “How to deal with difficult people” has over 3,5 million views on Youtube!

Argenis Angulo

Argenis is a journalist, businessman, executive consultant and permanent advisor on the board of many different business groups. His academic portfolio consists of diplomas from various universities, such as George Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania. As an academic, Argenis is the General Director of the Politics Center Academy of Florida Global University. 

Argenis joined JCI in 2001 and has served in several positions during those years, for example, JCI Venezuela National President in 2011 and JCI Executive Vice President in 2019. In 2022 he is holding the honorable position of JCI World President.